A Private Investment Firm

Who We Are

Woven Integration is a Texas-based private investment firm funded by our two founding partners that specializes in providing financial backing and investment capital in the startup or operations of companies through a variety of affiliated investment strategies.

Created in 2013 by entrepreneurs turned investors, founders Russell Hillenburg and Heather Bennett bring strong entrepreneurial passion and decision-making capabilities to all of their investments. Additionally, their combined strengths include operations, finance, development, marketing/public relations, scalability, change management and continuous offering enhancement.

Woven Integration has experience investing and operating across a multitude of sectors including energy, manufacturing, consumer products, entertainment, real estate, engineering, healthcare, hospitality and technology.

Why Woven Integration?

Opportunity to partner with diligent decision-makers capable of execution in fast-moving industries and verticals

A deep network of cross vertical industry experts and executive advisors providing a unique perspective
Intentional utilization and reinvestment of earnings and profits from existing opportunities to start and grow targeted businesses

Investment Philosophy

Investing capital and/or expertise in companies with:

Strong future growth potential

Expected returns within 1-10 years

The right idea and the right management team

An ability to analyze and mitigate risk

A thorough understanding of their market, plans and players

A passive or active role; including partner engagement